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On this Website you will find quite a variety of subjects discussed, links to other Websites, articles, video and audio clips. The intent is to keep the page a work in progress. I hope you will keep this Home page in your Favorites file and come back to it weekly, as you will always find something new, hopefully thought-provoking, or at least different, here.

Yoga has changed my life dramatically for the better, and it is my desire to give something back to the science (and it is a science, as well as an art) by devoting the remainder of my professional life to yoga-related educational endeavors. Teaching is like breathing to me, and yoga to me is life.

Please E-mail any comments or suggestions. Or feel free to call. Contact E-mail and telephone numbers are listed in the top right corner of this page. And enjoy this precious moment and all the others which follow close upon it!


~Dr. Jim




Yogis have more fun


Many of you have done wall practices with me. In this recent blog, number XLIX (49 for those who are Roman-numerically challenged) I explain the rationale behind this variation on a more traditional yoga class. 

This July, I will be going back again to CO, to teach yoga to 150 early career women in academic medicine. This will be my third year on the job. You can read about it here

 A recent blog includes two sequences of twelve poses (yet another Twelve Step Approach) for getting the kinks out of neck, shoulders, backs, and hips, and for stretching relatively unobtrusively, either while seated, or standing beside your chair in close quarters. These would be particularly useful at conferences, or in the office. Each sequence is timed for approximately five minutes, and the two can be used together for a ten-minute yoga break. 

 A number of you have asked me to put together a list of books related to yoga for suggested reading. I have included comments about each book, basically indicating what it is that I think makes each book worth a read. 

The Yoga Dog’s book  had its launch almost a year ago. Go to www.woofstothewise.com to preview the book, to read a nice review from The Philly Inquirer or the first review of the book(We got 5 stars!), or to listen to a full-length Public Radio show about the book. In addition, Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, gave us a nice little review in his magazine. You can order copies from me directly, or through the Woofs Website. Or through Amazon (We have 20 five-star reviews!) or Barnes and Noble online. Give “Woofs to the Wise” a like on Facebook, too! 

Woofs to the Wise makes for a great holiday gift! The story behind this book inspired this blog.

Sadly ZsaZsa has passed away, although she did touch a great many lives. I wrote a blank verse memorial which you can read, to give you an idea of how outsized her personality was.

ACT’s production of the Ramayana, one of the two great Indian epic poems, was fascinating, thought-provoking, and colorful. Turn to “News of Note” for more info and cool links! If you missed the show, don’t despair; ACT is planning to bring it back in a year or two!

For thoughts about osteoporosis, see this: bone blog.
Many of you will be traveling this year. See what I have to say about “Travelers’ Back”.

Blogging on coffee and/ or yoga, right here in Seattle: caffeinated blog.

Here’s a blog that deals with suggestions for the dedication, intention, or prayer I call for at the start of class. Read here: dedication,etc..

The issue of inaccuracy on the Internet is taken on in this blog: “in the know” blog

I put up a new blog on yoga and the brain. Please go to: brain blog.

For a column I wrote recently on problems in yoga research, click: yoga research probs.

The goal of disagreeing with civility has gotten lots of press recently. For some really helpful suggestions, read this:”Disagreements with Grace”.

Those of you interested in learning more about how Introverts and Extraverts differ should read this article from Reuters.com:Introverts