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Yoga has changed my life dramatically for the better, and it is my desire to give something back to the science (and it is a science, as well as an art) by devoting the remainder of my professional life to yoga-related educational endeavors. Teaching is like breathing to me, and yoga to me is life.

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Yogis have more fun


A nice way to start your day is with simple Vedic Sun Salutations. These are easy enough to do. The combination of back bends alternating with forward bends is beneficial for early morning stiffness and chest and sinus congestion.

Vedic Sun Salutations:

  1. Interlace thumbs, bend knees a bit, and lift with inhale to standing back bend; breathe.
  2. Exhale into forward bend w/ knees bent, head & chest low, fingers to floor; breathe.
  3. Step R foot back and kneel; inhale into backbend, arms down; breathe.
  4. Slide L foot back to plank, raise hips & lower –on exhale knees, on inhale chin and chest, extending toes.
  5. Inhale into Cobra : head and chest; breathe.
  6. Exhale into Downward Facing Dog; breathe.
  7. Slide L foot forward, repeating c.; breathe.
  8. Exhale stepping into forward bend, repeating b; breathe.
  9. Interlace thumbs and roll up on inhale to standing back bend; breathe.
  10. Exhale hands to heart w/ knees straight; breathe.
  11. Repeat above 10 steps with opp. leg forward.
  12. Repeat whole sequence twice more, once for each side, this time without extra breaths in each pose.
  13. Repeat sequence twice more, once for each side, again with extra breaths.

One of the best ways to get the kinks out after traveling is with strap twists.

Supine Strap Twists

  1. On back with strap handy, both knees bent and feet on floor.
  2. Put strap on ball of R foot (not on the arch, not on the toes).
  3. Lift up R leg with knee straight on inhale (Keep L foot on floor.).
  4. Both hands on strap and advance hands toward R foot, keeping shoulders down.
  5. Yogic breathing with gaze focused on one spot on ceiling. 5 breaths.
  6. Move L foot to midline, take strap in R hand, bring L arm straight out from shoulder (palm down).
  7. On exhale, move R leg straight out to R side, keeping knee as straight as possible. At same time, L knee goes to the L. Try to keep L hip from lifting off the mat. Rotate R hip to aim heel more upwards than toes. Continue to look at spot on ceiling and breathe 5 cycles.
  8. On inhale, lift R leg back to straight up and extend knee as much as possible; both hands back on strap with shoulders on mat while hands move up towards lifted foot. Extend L leg and flex ankle. 5 breaths.
  9. Take strap in L hand and with exhale cross R leg over body to L side, keeping knee as straight as possible, and turning head to R as leg crosses over to L. Let R hip come way off the ground, coming to outside of L foot, with ankle remaining flexed. 5 breaths.
  10. Inhale leg back up, take off strap, soften both ankles, and draw R knee gently down toward chest. 3 breaths.

Then repeat steps 1- 10 for opp. leg.